City of Liverpool, 74 Circle

The City of Liverpool Circle was inaugurated on 17th October 1923. In October 2013 we celebrated out 90th Anniversary and last October 2014 we held our 1000th meeting with Grand President, Bob Butler as our principal guest.

The Circle meets on the second Thursday of every month except July.

The Circle Brothers are frequent visitors to other Circles in Province and elsewhere. We elect a new President each May at our AGM - Michael Burke is President for 2017/18 & will welcome telephone calls from anyone who wishes to find out more about the Catenians - 0151 284 7007 or email:

The Circle in the 21st century: In 2011-2013 we made a concerted membership recruitment drive to boost our numbers & succeeded in recuiting 7 new members, all of whom are still active with us. However, there were 20 or 30 other interested gentlemen who came to see us but who left with comments like; too formal, meetings too long, did not like the procedure & regalia, stuffy, etc etc. We held a series of Council meetings to review thse comments, and taking the advice of the Association's Grand President, Bob Butler, at our 1000th meeting in 2013, we decided that a thorough restructuring of our Circle was required - The major changes are :

In Memoriam
Please Remember in your prayers
Those of The City of Liverpool Circle

Arthur Arnold
Jim Blackledge
John J. Bligh
Harry Briscoe
Gerry Byrne
Joe Byrne
Bim Chamberlain
Vincent Collins
Gerald Dowling
Arthur Dyson
Francis R. Ferns
John Gaffney
Bill Gibney
Oswald W. Gillow
Arthur Griffiths
Pat Healy
J. Anthony Hurst
Leo Hyams
Peter Keating
Tom Kennon
Alf Lamble
Bill Lennon
Henry McArdle
William McCaffrey
Bernard McGovern
Patrick P. McNally
Pat Moore.
Gerard J. Mullaney
John H. Neville
Charles O'Grady
Patrick Peters
Ted Roberts
George Scrini
David Shaw
Arthur J. Smyth KHS
Jeff Stoker
Bob Topping
Henry A. Waite
John White
Tom Wolfenden

Aloysius Barry
Bill Bligh
Philip Breen
Bob Burns
Laurence Bussy
Michael J. Byrne
Thomas J. Coakley
William F. Conway
Kevin Crilly
Nigel Drane
Ken Duggan
Kevin Edwards
Pat Fahey
Francis M. Ferns
Mike Gallagher
Joe Gibney
Charles Godfrey
John Hayes
Andrew Horner
Ted Hosey
Bill Hosey
J.G. Hurst
Bernard Jordon
Joseph Kennan
Frank Linford
Joseph McArdle
John McCann
Chris A. McNally
Thomas McNamara
Jack McDermott
Ernest M. Murphy
Joseph T. Parkinson
Roy Quinn
Bill Reid
Michael J. Ryan
Sydney Smith
John A. Taggart
Basil Townsend
Peter Wallace
Gerard H Wright QC. KC*HS
Leo Wright

In Memoriam
Please Remember in your prayers
Those of The Waterloo Circle
Gerald Alston
J.W.Baker, KCHS
Claud Bradley
David Brookes
Chris Cain
John Carden
Pierce Clark
Barney Coyne
Geo Cunningham
Walter T.Emery
John Forshaw
Edward J. Gargan
Vincent J. Glover
Bart Harrington
Richard T. Hart
Edward Horrigan
James Kilburn
Thomas J. Ledgett
Luke Lyons
Thomas Mawdsley
Hugh McInnes
Ted McManus
Mort McSweeney
John Moran
Isaac J. Monaghan
Stephen O'Connell
John J. Park
William Robinson
George Sanders
John Shaw
Don Tait
Joseph Thompson
Denis W. Tinkler
Peter J. Traynor
John W. Vittles
John Walsh
Stan West
William Williams

Arthur Baker
Maurice Beesley
John P. Bolger
Richard A. Bresnan
George Brown
Joseph Callaghan
Peter Carroll
Ray Cookson
John Crowe
Roy Daniel
William H.Davies
Frank Edwards
William Foley
John Gahan
Thomas Garrett
V.F. Glover
Tom Grierson
William Harrison
Edward F. Hennessey
Cecil Howard
Ted Lawler, KSG
T. A. Loverridge
Dermot Madden
Philip McGrath
Harry McManus
Donald McSweeney
George Mercer
Charles Monaghan
Joe Neep
Laurence Oley
Frank Reilly
John Roche
Bill Segrave
William Styles
Charles S. Taylor
Thomas O.Thompson
Joseph Arthur Torpey
Charles Tritton
Frank Wade
Gerard Waring
Thomas Whyte
Jack Wilson

May they Rest in Peace


Joe Gibney
12th November 1942 to 25th January 2018

May He Rest in Peace

Officers of the Circle : For the year 2018-2019 :
Michael Burke
Vice President
Larry Stoker
Neil Addison

Peter Firth
Provincial Councillor
Peter Firth
Jim Fitzsimons

Membership Officer
Patrick Lane
Paul Kilbane
Tom de Lacey

New Member - joined March 9th 2017
John Toal
New Member - joined March 9th 2017
Paul Kilbane
New Member - joined March 9th 2017
Joe Leggett

New Member - joined June 8th 2017
Professor Ray Donnelly

City of Liverpool,   Circle 74,   Province 4.
Inaugurated 17th October 1923

President : Brother Michael Burke.

e-mail :

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