City of Liverpool, 74 Circle

Joint Ladies Night with South Liverpool 164
March 2001

Grand Vice President Dick Jones and his wife Kate, with Provincial President Ken Hardman and his daughter Ciara

Ciara Hardman, again, with Provincial Councilor Tom & Deanne Wolfenden and his wife, Deanne, and 164 President Paul McCarthy

Tony & Jane Kwok of 74, with Michael & Pat Sampson of 164, and 74 Secretary Paul Breen taking up the rear.

Sid & Joan Crisp of 164 Circle.

Kevin Edwards, Bob Burns with Mike & Penny Hancock.

Gill Breen with Circle President Stephen Wright and Jane Kwok.

City of Liverpool,   Circle 74,   Province 4.
Inaugurated 17th October 1923

Secretary : Paul Breen F.C.A.   Tel : 0151 924 5644.

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