City of Liverpool, 74 Circle
What is the Catenian Association ?

The Catenian Association is an international body of Catholic men, mainly, but certainly not exclusively, from the professions and the world of business.

Founded in 1908, there are now over ten thousand members in the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, India, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malta.

Bound by their Catholicism, members of the Association have a number of objectives :

  • To be proudly Catholic and increase the Faith by way of personal and collective example.
  • To foster deep and long lasting Friendship amongst the Members and their families.
  • To provide support to the Catholic Clergy.
  • To assist young Catholics as they seek their way in early careers.

The Association is structured geographically to enable members (or "Brothers" as they are known within the Association) to join collectively in the practice of their Faith, to enjoy the company of each other and to collectively support their parishes and their Diocese.

Members belong to a "Circle", of which there are 10 in Province 4, which covers South Lancashire, Merseyside and the Wirral. The traditionally strong Catholic City of Liverpool is home to Three Liverpool Circles - Liverpool 4 (The oldest), City of Liverpool Circle no 74 and South Liverpool Circle no 164.

There are regular monthly meetings, usually followed by a dinner, in addition to a range of other social and spiritual activities, often involving other family members.

There is an indefinable bond which makes the Association remarkably different from other organisations - some of the older members have been in the Association for over fifty years, whilst some of the younger members have yet to reach their thirtieth birthday.

Potential Members are invited to get to know the Association by observing Meetings before they make a decision to join - there is nothing secret about the Catenian Association.

If you want more details about the Association or this Circle in particular, please contact the Secretary on the e-mail address : , marking it for the attention of the Membership Officer, Paul Breen, or telephone him direct on 0151 924 5644.

"What is the Catenian Association" is taken from Recruitment literature used by Province 6 Membership Officer.

City of Liverpool,   Circle 74,   Province 4.
Inaugurated 17th October 1923

President : Brother Michael Burke.

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